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  • On arrival please sign your children in for classes via our main front doors with the member of reception duty staff. We take your children's safety very seriously and need up-to-date registers in case of a fire alarm or drill.

  • Students aged 12 upwards are permitted to sign themselves in, you are responsible for reminding them of this.

  • Please report to a member of staff any injuries that your child may have incurred outside of Open Stage.

  • Ensure arrangements are made so that your child arrives safely at their classes and is collected at the end. There is no waiting area for families.

  • Collection is either via our bottom fire exit leading to our garden or via our front door – your teacher will confirm this.

  • We cannot be responsible for unattended children before arrival or after collection time slots. Should your child be unaccompanied at Open Stage outside of these times, this is entirely at your own risk and Open Stage accepts no responsibility for their care.

  • Behaviour that is deemed to be disruptive, threatening, rude or violent in any way will not be tolerated from students or their families and any such misconduct will result in participants instantly losing their place at Open Stage.


  • Whilst it is not compulsory to attend a performing arts school, it is a commitment once you have joined.

  • We are not a 'drop-in' school and ask for regular attendance so that it is fair to all, including your child.

  • Should a student miss three weeks in a row, they will automatically lose their place.

  • Please be punctual for class.

  • Any absence should be reported via or call 01604 435307 as soon as possible as it affects lesson plans, show rehearsals and training. Our reception team wait by the front door to sign all students in and will wait for your child if you do not report an absence.

  • Please do not knock our front door earlier than our opening hours, do not drop your child off early - whilst staff are in the building they may be attending meetings, making phone calls to families, training, cleaning etc.

  • We cannot be responsible for unattended children before arrival or after collection time slots.

  • Students should be wearing correct uniform for classes.

  • Please also let us know if your child attends similar dance of performing arts classes elsewhere.



  • Please check emails regularly for the most up-to-date information about classes, shows, exams and events.

  • If you drive to Open Stage please have respect for the local residents and be considerate when parking.


  • We ask that parents refrain from stepping in and out of our studio during class time to ask questions to teachers, this disrupts the whole class. Please direct your question to our front door receptionist who will record your query and a team member will get back to you with an answer ASAP


  • We provide opportunities for students to undertake accredited examinations. We are registered with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), I-PATH for Musical theatre and Acrobatic Arts

  • To help prepare students as the examination date approaches additional classes will be run and must be attended.

  • Our teachers will inform parents if and when when students are ready for exams.

  • Each student will follow an individual examination path that may differ from classmates/friends.


  • Our tuck shop runs as a school show fundraiser, all items cost £1

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